Foosball Filipinas Association - FFA

FFA - Foos for All 

The official online meetup for the Philippine foosball community.  We're a players' non-profit association for table soccer.  Our goal is to create a great foosball community, and we have done just that. We have beginners, experts. and a lot of fun. Our aim is to promote the game as an accessible, friendly and challenging activity that all can enjoy.  We offer educational tournaments, national ranking tournaments, corporate events, a database of venues, discussion forums and helps schools and colleges organize table soccer interest clubs.  FFC - Foosball Filipinas Club is the name of the national table soccer team for international competition. The Manila Bay Open is FFA's premier tournament.  Support foosball. Be an FFA member.  Organize a local club.  Play in The Manila Bay Foosball Open.  Visit the soft launch of our new online store at

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Member:  International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), Nantes, FRANCE